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Welcome to North Shore Organic Farm


North Shore Organic Farm began in 2008 when Spencer & Lesley Hawkes purchased  the 75 acre property on Napanee's North Shore Road moving to the farm full time in  2012 in search of fresh air and a healthier lifestyle.


Lesley's background includes many years experience growing a wide range of organic vegetables on the family acreage near Cricklade, Wiltshire in  England.

Spencer's working life began on a dairy farm in West Sussex, England which was followed by an Apprenticeship with the Ford New Holland Tractor Dealer for West Sussex. His family background stretches back to the 15th century and beyond when the family farmed in the Isle of Ely region of England.


The farm's produce includes vegetables, garlic and Alfalfa Timothy hay all produced using sustainable practices.


The focus is on best practices using traditional and modern farming methods in a diverse and resilient natural environment securing the future for our family.


Please take a minute to learn about our history and browse through our photo gallery to see some of the many interesting aspects of our farm.


The name 'North Shore Organic Farm' is a REGISTERED TRADE MARK owned by the Principles

Environment & Sustainability


Production of healthy crops needs us to feed plants carefully.

Regular soil tests help us fine-tune our nutrient management plan.


We only use approved organic fertilizers, mineral conditioners and plant and incorporate green manure crops into the soil.

Companion planting


A healthy soil is home to innumerable small insects, worms, bacteria and fungi. All these creatures play a role in releasing the nutrients needed by plants.


We attempt to use the minimum amount of tillage except where conditions warrant a more conventional approach.


Excessive tillage has a negative impact on the soil. It disturbs the soil ecosystem by destroying its structure and increasing compaction.

Long Term Strategy

Our long term strategy is to continue to maintain and improve the farm for future generations. 


In memory of our beloved dog 


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